Some of our talented Spring Dinner Series chefs gather to support Chef Greg Hardesty for the finale of the Series.

Dinner Programs

The Culinary Crossroads Dinner Programs focus on “Great Food, Great Talent, and Great Causes” and highlight culinary ambassadors who bring their tremendous talents to our plates and make a difference in our communities.


Our second-annual Spring Dinner Series, presented by Ivy Tech Community College, takes place April 19 – May 10 at Highland Golf & Country Club and features an incredibly talented culinary lineup. Each week, two chefs will work together on a multi-course menu with dessert created by one of Indy’s top pastry chefs! A portion of the proceeds from the dinners will go to create a culinary scholarship at Ivy Tech – the perfect combination of “great food, great talent, great causes.”

Our 2022 Spring Dinner Series will feature a Global Exploration theme, and menus will focus on Spain/Portugal, Italy, France and the Middle East. Our chef teams include:

April 19: Spain & Portugal with chefs Abbi Merriss and Carlos Salazar and pastry chef Pete Schmutte.

April 26: Italy with chefs Alan Sternberg and Brad Gate and pastry chef Tanya Smith.

May 3: France with chefs Steve Oakley and Esteban Rosas with pastry chef Cindy Hawkins.

May 10: Middle East with chefs Jonathan Brooks and Erin Kem with pastry chef Youssef Boudarine.


Chef Chris Liechti and team plating a course during week four of the 2021 Spring Dinner Series.

In keeping with the Culinary Crossroads motto of “great food, great talent, great causes,” and in addition to helping to create a culinary scholarship, portions of the revenue are used to compensate participating chefs, cover food costs and provide support for future Culinary Crossroads initiatives.

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Based on the tremendously positive feedback received from the guests, chefs, sponsors, and stakeholders who attended or were involved in producing the 2021 Spring Dinner Series, we made a commitment to take the dinner series concept on the road to at least 6-8 other Indiana cities between the fall of 2021 and the end of calendar year 2022.

Producing the “On The Road” initiative provides the opportunity to hold true to the commitment made by Culinary Crossroads leadership to be a true statewide initiative. This ensures that when we talk about the “people, products, places and services” that define Indiana’s culinary landscape, it encompasses Indy as well as Evansville and Jeffersonville in the south, Fort Wayne and South Bend in the north and many more of our state’s great cities and towns.

Each of the cities selected for the “On The Road” campaign will have great stories to tell about their culinary history. And, just like in Indianapolis, the participating chefs will reflect the past, present and future talent in each destinations.

Sponsors and attendees provided overwhelming support for the Dinner Series.

We will carry on with our underlying theme “Great food, great talent, great causes” by highlighting Indiana food products, compensating our participating chefs and making a financial contribution to the chefs “causes of choice”.

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Culinary Crossroads is pleased to collaborate with Paramount Schools of Excellence to launch a new, year-long dinner series: Culinary Crossroads Supper Club presented by Paramount Schools.

Paramount Schools of Excellence student caring for a member of their goat herd.

Born from the “Bring Back The Chefs” dinner series that Tommy Reddicks and Paramount Schools of Excellence produced as a way to support the culinary community during the height of the pandemic, this recent partnership with Culinary Crossroads allows for the continuation of their program and aligns perfectly with the mission.

Our Sunday suppers began on August 15th, 2021 and will continue through September 2022. These limited seating suppers will feature some of the region’s top chefs preparing exquisite five-course meals, with ticket revenue used to compensate the chefs and to provide scholarship dollars to selected Ivy Tech culinary students.

The Culinary Crossroads Supper Club is a welcomed addition to Culinary Crossroads’ portfolio of dinner programs focused on “Great Food, Great Talent and Great Causes”.

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