Talking wine and food with Anderson vintner Treva Bostic

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When psychologist Treva Bostic opened Cultured Urban Winery in her hometown of Anderson, Ind., as the first Black-owned farmhouse winery in the Hoosier state, she fulfilled a lifelong ambition. An avid traveler and oenophile, Bostic, who is the director of race, equity and inclusion for Anderson Community Schools, enjoyed visiting the world’s great wine-growing regions. But when she visited France, she felt she could also make her own. In 2008, Bostic began training and today she is an award-winning vintner, and Cultured Urban Winery is among the 1 percent of U.S. wineries that are Black owned.

What made you want to become a vintner?

I used to be a wine investor and enthusiast and had a love of wine. I’ve also traveled extensively to every continent except Antarctica and visited small vineyards along the way. These vintners could make, sell and enjoy wine, giving me the ambition to say I can do this. Wine is like school for me; I am always learning something and growing constantly.

What is your favorite varietal?

I like those big cabs, but I must say a pinot noir. I enjoy the ones from Oregon.

Any favorite food and wine pairings?

I love champagne with oysters. I know many people don’t like oysters, but that brininess with the bubbles produces a tasty moment.

Do you enjoy cooking for yourself and your family? Any favorite dishes?

I like to cook many things, but I make cold shrimp pasta that my family enjoys. It has peppers and cheese. All you need is a glass of wine.

What items are always in your fridge?

You’ll always find various olives, a couple of different cheeses and apples. I like to make a charcuterie board in the evening.

If you could dine anywhere in the world, where would that be and why?

That would be Champagne, France. I love that area with all the sparklings and all the desserts from the local markets.

If you could choose a favorite place in Indiana to visit, where would that be and what would you drink?

It would be Anderson. (Hoosiers) make some great traminettes in Indiana. I have yet to tackle making one, but Huber Winery makes a nice, clean and refreshing version. It is a hidden jewel.

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